Preferred Professionals & Service Providers

Inspection Companies

A key component of purchasing real estate is having a building inspection and often a pest inspection.  The building inspection is critical as it ensures that you are aware of any issues the subject property may have that might deter your from purchasing the property.  The inspector will point out (if you are present) and record the pros and cons of the home and will usually compile this information into a formal report.  They will also show you where the various shut offs are and will give you an ETA on the life span of the roof, hot water tank, furnace and other items that require service and or replacement over time.  As the majority of home sales are not brand new homes, it’s unlikely that a home inspection will find a home to be perfect.  There are usually some things that require attention or fixing.  When making the decision to purchase, you just want to be sure you are comfortable with the recommendations made by the home inspector.  Aside from the typical home inspection, you’ll also want to consider having a pest inspection done.  This will include a check for mice, rats, termites and other pests/ insects which sometimes are present in homes and will need to be dealt with. Here’s a few inspection companies that myself and /or my clients have used with good results:


Bankers / Mortgage Brokers

Most people don’t have the luxury of paying cash for their real estate, so they borrow money (in the form of a mortgage or line of credit) from a lender.  Generally these lenders have strict criteria that must be met in order for them to lend money.  Some of the criteria includes: your credit score, your proof of income and the source of your income, and details of current bills &/or loans.  Once this information has been collected the banker (or broker) should be able to tell you how much you are qualified to borrow, and what the repayment schedule will be.  They should help you ensure that your monthly payment is an amount that you’re comfortable paying and that any other questions/ concerns regarding your upcoming mortgage are met.  Some questions / concerns you should review might include: interest rates, mortgage term and amortization, what lender you’ll be using, how does a “pre-approval” work”, strategies to pay the mortgage down quicker.  A great banker or broker will offer you the expertise and advice you’ll need to make the right financial decisions.  If you’d like a specific recommendation to a broker/banker, contact me and I’m happy to help you connect with someone who fits your criteria.  Here are some mortgage brokers and bankers that either myself or my clients have had great experiences with:


Lawyers / Notaries

Over the years my clients have worked with a number of lawyers and notaries who have helped them with much more than just conveying land title and transferring mortgage funds.  A good lawyer or notary will look out for your best interests and will ensure all the details of the property purchase (or sale) are covered.  The type of ownership (tenants in common vs. joint ownership) you choose is extremely important, and a lawyer or notary will explain which you are best suited for.  They will also guide you in obtaining title insurance, reviewing title, calculating closing costs and much more.  Amongst the many good lawyers and notaries I’ve dealt with, here’s a few that I’d recommend:

  • Brendon Rothwell, Notary Public (Rothwell Notary). 102-546 Leon Avenue, Kelowna, BC, V1Y-6J6.  Phone: 250-861-4452
  • David Miles, Lawyer (Montgomery Miles Law). 510-1708 Dolphin Avenue, Kelowna, BC, V1Y-9S4.  Phone: 778-484-8055
  • Garry Benson, Lawyer (Benson Law LLP). 270 Hwy 33 West, Kelowna, BC, V1X-1X7. Phone: 250-491-0206
  • Paul Tonita (Pushor Mitchell LLP) 301-1665 Ellis Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y-2B3. Phone: 250-869-1226